Soonest Express Co., Ltd. hosted The Strongest Citizen 5K Run –  Welcome Deputy Mayor of Taipei City to Cheers for the Runners!

Soonest Express Co., Ltd. join-handed with Department of Sports, Taipei City Government and Famous Sports Website, Soonnet, to provide free practice session and speed measurement for Taipei citizens who are into marathon race.

The last 5K Run of 2023 was held in Taipei Stadium in the evening of 27th. We welcome Lin Yi-hua, Deputy Mayor of Taipei City, legislator Wang Hong-wei and legislator candidate Lee Yen-hsiu, who joined the event to cheer for all runners. Executives from Soonest Express have also participated in the final event of 2023.

Chairman C. M. Ku (Fifth from left) of Soonest Express Co., Ltd. and his wife Grace Lee (Fourth from left), led the executives to participate in the 5K RUN-Taipei City 5000 Challenge event. We are also grateful to have Executive Director Li Qin-han (Fifth from right) and Honorary Director Tong Hui-zhen of the Cross-Straits Development Foundation (former non-regional and overseas national legislators) came to the event as our honorable guests.

We are honored to have Deputy Mayor Lin Yi-hua (Fifth from right), as well as Legislator Wang Hong-wei (Fifth from left) and Legislator Candidate Li Yan-xiu (Fourth from right) to participate in the grand event to encourage Taipei citizens on breaking their personal BP scores.