Soonest Express Co., Ltd. hosted The Strongest Citizen - Join the run with the company of 10 beautiful pacers !

Soonest Express Co., Ltd. join-handed with Sports Office, New Taipei City and along with the Famous Sports Website, Soonnet, to provide free practice session and speed measurement for New Taipei citizens who are into marathon race.

In addition to the Wanjinshi Marathon,the most talked about road running race in New Taipei City is the "Strongest Citizen 5K Run ". Soonest Express Co., Ltd. has been cooperated with the Sports Department, New Taipei City Government, since 2018 to hold a free charity running event every month. To celebrate the fifth anniversary in November 2023 and to keep the spirits going, the company invited ten beautiful pacers for the November event.

The fifth anniversary special run was held at Banqiao No. 1 Sports Stadium at 6 pm on the 15th. Liu Heran, Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City , and Joey Lee, General Manager of Soonest Hong Kong / Chairman of the Soonnet, jointly cut the anniversary cake to share with runners and citizens. Everyone is welcome and we hope there will be many more anniversaries to come!

報導新聞: 最強市民飆5K 五週年場 最美配速列車帶你跑
報導影片: 最強市民飆5K 五週年場 最美配速列車帶你跑