Soonest Express Co., Ltd. hosted The Strongest Citizen – Welcome Big Foot Running Group to Participate as Pacers in June !

Soonest Express Co., Ltd. join-handed with Sports Office, New Taipei City and Famous Sports Website, Soonnet, to provide free practice session and speed measurement for New Taipei citizens who are into marathon race.

A very warm welcome to Big Foot Running Group who joined the June race in Banqiao as pacers for the very first time. Big Foot is the largest running group in Taiwan and we are very pleased to have their support.

報導新聞: 新北市5000公尺挑戰賽活動,六月賽事邀請全台最大慢跑團擔任各組配速。
報導影片: 新北市5000公尺挑戰賽活動,六月賽事邀請全台最大慢跑團擔任各組配速。